Build Muscle

The Globe Trotter's Guide to Muscle-Building Supps

Take your supplements on the go to maintain your hard-earned muscle mass.


Traveling bodybuilders rarely have a hard time finding a place to tear up some muscle fiber these days. Hotel and local gyms are common in many parts of the world, and portable travel-specific equipment makes it convenient to get a good pump even in exotic, far-flung destinations. A more difficult task is feeding your muscles once you’ve put them through your on-the-road workout.

Protein, like a gym, isn’t hard to find, but controlling variables such as fat may not be as easy. Family or resort restaurants and fast-food joints are fonder of butter and deep fryers than hypertrophy and low bodyfat.

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Perhaps most difficult of all is maintaining your supplement regimen. Offering a side of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) with your chicken sandwich hasn’t caught on anywhere, and finding more obscure supplements like beta-alanine is, well, fuhgettaboudit. Fortunately, the on-the-road supplement dilemma is something we’re faced with all the time here at M&F. So, over the years, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to travel with these invaluable muscle-builders to keep your hard-earned gym results from melting away in the tropical sun.

Bring It With You

Even if you don’t plan to work out while traveling this summer, consider this: When you take a break from training, protein becomes even more important in your battle to maintain size. In a study of bedridden patients, researchers found that those who were given a protein supplement during convalescence maintained more of their muscle mass than nonsupplementing subjects. And if a break from the gym isn’t in your plans, you’ll still need your protein supplement. But don’t stop there. If you’re serious about maintaining your gains, you’ll also want creatine, a nitric oxide (NO) booster, BCAAs, glutamine and, yes, beta-alanine on hand. These are as critical as protein pre and post workout, and helpful even if you don’t plan to hit the gym on the road. As with protein, keeping up your dosing of these vital supps will help you better maintain your muscle mass and strength, and when you resume training, you won’t be starting in the supplement hole.

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