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Quest Nutrition just released a protein cookie, and just like the QuestBars before it, they taste great and have excellent nutrition.

There are four flavors to choose from, Chocolate Chip (obviously), Double Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin and Peanut butter. According to people on Quest’s Facebook page they have a soft and chewy texture like a traditional cookie, but are made almost completely from protein. Each cookie has 15g of protein with no tricky guesswork. One cookie equals 15 grams of protein – and, depending on the flavor, you get anywhere from 12-8g of fiber and 1-3g of sugar.

Another noteworthy thing about the Quest Protein Cookies is they’re sweetened with natural sweeteners (stevia and Erythritol, with no sucralose!).

Gym goers will probably get a kick out of the commercial for protein cookies. As you’ll see, we’ve all been that guy/girl walking past a bakery like we’re five and it’s a toy store. 

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