Every workout program needs support from a good diet and the right supplementation. The Clinical Edge series from Nutrex Research offers just that—supps that are clinically dosed with ingredients that are fully disclosed on the labels. The dosages are backed by scientific research, and you won’t find any banned substances or artificial colors in these products. Nutrex has even partnered with Informed-Choice to ensure that its products are totally transparent and trusted by major sports organizations. 



Ready to torch the fat for a leaner, more shredded, head-turning physique? LIPO-6 Rx combines a variety of the most potent-fat burning compounds at maximum (clinical) doses to support your weight loss goals while simultaneously enhancing your mental focus and overall energy.

No doubt about it! This complete all-in-one fat burner is the way to go if you’re serious about getting fast, safe and effective weight loss results. LIPO-6 Rx’s powerful profile of fully disclosed ingredients delivers the potency you need to support your fat-blasting mission. From a more noticeable appetite suppression to a more powerful thermogenic response, LIPO-6 Rx will accelerate your fat loss efforts for the leaner physique you demand. LEARN MORE >>



Get in beastmode to start off your workout to get the results you demand. With 10 of the most potent and advanced ingredients, OUTLIFT offers everything a dedicated lifter needs to crush the most extreme of workouts.

OUTLIFT’S pre-workout formula primes your muscles for maximum pumps, lasting energy, greater endurance, faster recovery, more strength and less fatigue to help you perform like a fine running machine during each workout from start to finish. 

Set foot in the gym with confidence every time by fueling up with OUTLIFT for optimal performance. LEARN MORE >>



No time to scoop or shake before your next workout? No worries! With OUTLIFT RTD you’ll get a ready-to-drink pre-workout loaded with almost 20 grams of performance enhancing ingredients.

Just like the potent ingredients of OUTLIFT pre-workout powder. OUTLIFT RTD serves up the same power surge in 12 fluid ounces. It’s never been faster and easier to get the pre-workout fuel coursing through your veins for maximum performance at your iron mecca.  And at just 10 calories a pop, you’ll find even more reason to chug down an OUTLIFT RTD before each workout.

Trusted by Sport to be completely banned substance free OUTLIFT RTD comes in two delicious flavors… Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry. Get a taste for performance excellence. LEARN MORE >>



Hell yeah you want a pre-workout that offers all the performance benefits for a supercharged training session, but you want it without the use of any stimulants.

OUTLIFT STIM-FREE is the answer. Packed with the same fully dosed performance ingredients of the original OUTLIFT, the STIM-FREE option is also fortified with Betaine Anhydrous and features Magnapower® Creatine over standard Creatine Monohydrate.

You won’t find a more potent formula to keep you pumped throughout your entire workout, but doesn’t keep you up all night. Backed by science with an array of potent ingredients that deliver results, OUTLIFT STIM-FREE offers lifters the perfect alternative for those looking to ditch the stimulants completely. LEARN MORE >>



Your workout isn’t done until you refuel with the essential ingredients needed for muscle recovery. POSTLIFT is the premium fuel your body needs after a hardcore session with the weights.  

A true post-workout powerhouse, POSTLIFT delivers on its promise to maximize training results. Loaded with the most advanced muscle-replenishing ingredients, HICA, HBCD (Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin) and BCAAs, POSTLIFT will quickly restore your glycogen for faster recovery and greater muscle growth.

Don’t waste your blood and sweat at the gym with inferior post-workout formulas that lack the vital nutrients your body needs after a tough training session. Fuel up with POSTLIFT to guarantee your body gets the high-performance, ingredients it needs to support optimal recovery.  LEARN MORE >>

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