The Season of Bulk is here. Fortunately, many of the strongest bulking agents are back to help you get the most from your hard work in the gym and sacrifices. Not surprisingly, the new decade will be led in by the Andros as the most effective way to pile on muscle during a bulking phase. Manufacturers continue to be careful with what they bring to the mass market, as many older compounds have been removed from the shelves via self-regulation or otherwise.  As this season rolls into full swing and the faithful continue to pile on mass, we are proud to announce the Top 10 Bulking Supplements for 2020.

1. Super Mandro by Hard Rock Supplements

For the fourth consecutive year Super Mandro grabs the #1 spot and for good reason: no other product can challenge its results and customer feedback backs it up. The formula was initially studied at West Texas A&M University in which test subjects gained an average of 8.8 pounds of lean mass while dropping 4.4 lbs. of body fat over the course of 30 days, but we are now seeing users report 10, even 15 pounds rock hard muscle gained in a cycle. As if user feedback wasn’t enough, this product also boasts a tremendous value by providing up to 330% more product than competing supplements.

No 1 Super Mandro

2. Andro the Giant by Hard Rock Supplements

A true “wet” bulking agent, Andro the Giant’s main ingredient converts into the master hormone Testosterone. Users have reported rapid gains in mass, muscle density, strength, and libido. Similar to Super Mandro, Andro the Giant offers up to 330% more product than the competition. Great as a standalone bulking supplement, Andro the Giant also serves as the perfect base supplement to any anabolic cycle due to its ability to help combat side effects from other anabolic compounds.

No 2 Andro the Giant

3. Anafuse by Vital Alchemy

As the only “natural” supplement to make the Top 10, Anafuse’s massive popularity and overwhelmingly positive feedback was something that could not be ignored. This is the 4th year in a row that it has been in two Top 10 lists. Anafuse combines four novel natural anabolics and users have been feeling its effects, reporting increases in lean mass, muscle endurance, strength, and recovery. Anafuse is also the only supplement in the Top 10 that does not require any kind of cycle support or post cycle therapy, meaning virtually anyone can use it above the age of 18, male or female.

No 3 Anafuse

4. Metha-Quad Extreme by Blackstone Labs

One of the only quad stack bulking agents available today, Metha-Quad Extreme makes bulking simple with a one-pill-a-day regimen. Feedback suggests that it shines as a muscle hardener and strength gainer, with muscle gains being on the mild side.

No 4 Metha Quad Extreme

5. Helladrol by Innovative Labs

Helladrol is a newcomer to this year’s Top 10. It has multiple compounds designed to help increase size fast, and is then fused with an estrogen blocker to help harden muscle gains.

No 5 Helladrol

6. Super DMZ Rx 5.0 by IronMag Labs

As the flagship product for IronMag Labs, the name “Super DMZ” comes with high prestige but also with high expectations. A five-compound anabolic stack featuring three “Super” Andro ingredients, Epicatechin, and DIM promoting increases in muscle mass, muscle hardness, and strength. Feedback has been positive thus far, the only downside being that advanced users will have to spend a pretty penny if they want to run a cycle utilizing multiple bottles of this supplement.

No 6 Super Rx DMZ 5

7. Chosen 1 by Blackstone Labs

Chosen 1 is the flagship product for one of the biggest brands in the industry, Blackstone Labs. As the first supplement in the industry to utilize the liposomal delivery system, Chosen 1 took the industry by storm, but is now being out shined by superior products. It is still a solid choice for users, but customer feedback has concluded that a few bottles of Chosen 1 is necessary to achieve optimal results.

No 7 Chosen 1

8. Brutal 4ce by Blackstone Labs

Brutal 4ce is the little brother to Chosen 1, and most users stack the two together as Brutal 4ce helps to provide “wet” muscle gains with enhancements in strength and libido making it ideal for those who want to bulk up fast and are not too concerned with sacrificing some muscle definition along the way.

No 8 Brutal 4ce

9. Massacr3 by Olympus Labs

A unique natural muscle builder that combines laxogenin with a delivery system that helps to improve absorption rate by up to 600%, increases protein synthesis and improves lean muscle gains.

No 9 Massacr3

10. Abnormal by Blackstone Labs

Quite possibly the only “Nor-Andro” on the market, this product is estimated to be 6x more anabolic than testosterone, making it a powerful addition to any bulk. Users have suggested that in order to get the best effects, this product could be stacked with a 1-Andro or 4-Andro product like Super Mandro or Andro the Giant.

No 10 Abnormal

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