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What’s in Quest’s New Cinnamon Crunch Protein Powder?

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What’s in Quest’s New Cinnamon Crunch Protein Powder?
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Okay macro masters, Quest is releasing a new flavor of protein powder around Valentine’s Day (maybe your swolemate will buy it for you?). It’s been over a year since Quest has released a new protein powder, and just like last year’s flavor (Cookies & Cream), this one includes little bits of “inclusions.” Instead of tiny chunks of chocolate protein cookies, the star in here is tiny chunks of Beyond Cereal – you know, their new Protein bar that looks and tastes like cereal, but isn’t.

This is a unique flavor and tastes like the milk in the bottom of a bowl of high sugar cinnamon crunchy cereal. The tiny cereal bits really sell the flavor, too. We’ve posted the macros below and as you can see, there’s nary a bit of cereal in the powder.

So what is in the new flavor? Quest is sticking with their custom-made whey, casein and milk protein isolates. This blend features 9 essential amino acids and is rich in leucine. Leucine is one of the key amino acids that drives protein synthesis, and thus, helps gift you with bulging biceps (through tons of hard work, of course).

Check out the Nutrition Label:

And the ingredients label:

The P/Cal% for this powder is 80% -- meaning 80% of the calories in the powder come from protein. While not their highest P/Cal% (that’s their Multi-purpose mix, with 96%) the taste more than makes up for the number. Still 80% of the calories coming from protein is pretty good for something that tastes like “taboo food.” You can find the new flavor in your local supplement retailer or at Quest’s website before Valentine’s Day. 

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