Changing your lifestyle also means changing the way you take in nutrients, and when it comes to building mass, powering through workouts, and recovering from hard workouts, supplements definitely come into play. For Re:Form, we used the latest products from GNC to power through the transformation. Dan Trink’s supps outline was simple: whey protein, casein protein, multivitamins and omega-3s from fish oil, as well as a creatine loading/maintenance phase and an optional pre-workout for those particularly brutal circuits.


Here’s a quick and simple outline of the products, available at your nearest GNC store:

Reform supps raw ravage
Reform supps wheybolic extreme 60
Reform supps casein protein
Reform supps creatine
Reform supps multivitamin
Reform supps fish oil

After completing the 90-Day Reform program, you may need to make some adjustments to your ongoing diet and fitness routine, as well as your supplementation, in order to continue working toward your desired results.

For continued nutritional support, maintain the daily regimen that includes GNC’s Pro Performance® 100% Casein Protein Pro Performance® AMP Creatine 189, Triple Strength Fish Oil 1500, and BEYOND RAW® RAVAGE™.

But now that you’re starting to see results, switch up the rest of your supp routine to incorporate these products in order to help you reach your ultimate goal:

GNC Pro Performance® AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60™ Power
GNC Pro Performance® AMP Men’s Ripped Vitapak® Program Non-Stim

GNC’s PUREDGE™ Daily Powdered PB and Pro Performance® Oatmeal Protein Bar Deluxe products are great options for satisfying cravings and offer additional support that’s also delicious.

GNC PUREDGE™ Daily Powdered PB
GNC Pro Performance® Oatmeal Protein Bar Deluxe

±An 8-week study of athletes performing an intense resistance exercise training regimen demonstrated that those using this proprietary module of whey protein and leucine had greater increases in muscle strength and size than those on a placebo.

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