Some actresses were born to star in action movies. Genesis Rodriguez isn’t one of them, but you’d never know it. The daughter of a Venezuelan singer and a Cuban model, the Miami-born actress began training for the screen when she was just 2 and has more character experience at 25 years old than thespians twice her age. With hardcore roles in this year’s Identity Thief and The Last Stand, you’d think she was ex-military. But we know that in reality she’s just an adorable sci-fi geek with a fantasy basketball team.

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Girls really like...for doors to be opened for them. Guys should really remember that.

I could never date a guy with apet snake.

Every woman needs agirls’ night out.

Every guy should have a...fantasy sports team.

Guys should try to be more likeLuke Skywalker

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Genesis Uncensored

On Her Type…

I definitely like a guy who works out. I can’t lie—I like a guy who has muscle, I like a guy who’s strong. Even though he may be strong in personality, I like for him to look the part, too. I like for him to have a nice chest and biceps and those kinds of manly features. Abs are great—I’m not going to complain—but great arms are better for me.

On How to Dress…

Every man needs a tailor. Guys want to dress well, but they don’t know how. All you need is well-fitting clothes, and you’ll look so much better, because sometimes you’ll get your size but it doesn’t fit right on your chest or your back or the sleeves are too long or it’s not cut right. When something is cut right for your body you look really put together.

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On The Ultimate Turn-On…

When a guy cooks for me, I think it’s the sexiest thing and the sweetest thing at the same time. When a guy wants to make the effort to make a good meal and put in the time, it’s an automatic turn-on. I don’t think enough guys do it. They should really be reading this magazine.

On Competition…

I don’t like it when a guy lets me win. I think that’s stupid and lame. I like a guy who gives me a challenge, because if I’m going to win I’m going to beat you when you’re giving it your all. Especially in video games.

On Her Quirks…

I’m a huge Star Wars fan. Huge. This past Halloween I was Darth Vader and R2D2 because I took it upon myself to wear two costumes. I’m obsessed with sci-fi things. I don’t know why I’m such a nerd, but I am.