Singer Mayra Veronica Talks Sexuality and Rebellion

Get to know the sexy Cuban artist behind this summer's dance hit "Freak Like Me"

Singer Mayra Veronica Talks Sexuality and Rebellion

We interviewed the sexy model-turned-singer behind this summer’s dance hit “Freak Like Me” for the magazine. In this extended interview Mayra Veronica tells us about her rebellious side, what women really want in a guy, and the best way to get your freak on with your lady.

MF: Sorry, I’m a bit late…

MV: No problem, it allowed me to sleep a little longer. I’ve been travelling for the past 10 days.

Where were you?

I was in the South of France, the French Riviera.

Nice. What were you up to over there?

Nothing, just relaxing. I gamble a little bit, so I was at the Hotel de Paris. It was tons of fun. I just got back. I’m in New York today but I’m exhausted.

Do you live in New York?

No, I live in Hollywood, but I lived in New York for like six years, so I’m pretty familiar with it.

You were recently in Iraq visiting our troops. What qualities did you notice in them that regular guys can learn from?

That sense of loyalty and brotherhood. I remember this one guy that had literally just had both his legs amputated, and he was receiving a purple heart. I asked him if he was happy to be going home, and he was like, “No, what I really want to do is go back and help the rest of my men.” That’s the kind of stuff you don’t hear about here. Here, everybody’s pretty much out for themselves.

So how would that translate to the average guy?

Just the sense of commitment to friendship—and loyalty to your friendships, and to whoever the people in your life are.