No plan on how to get abs, as detailed as it may be, is guaranteed to get you six-pack abs. There are too many external factors at play. In addition to all of the things you can control-like your diet, training, and sleep schedule-your genetics, gender, and stress levels also play a role in looking lean.

We all know one guy that can guzzle sports drinks and chow down on Big Macs while staying ripped, and it’s because he’s genetically lucky. Along with giving the majority of us a reason to curse like drunken pirates over their genetic gifts, those cases also highlight why it’s so difficult to offer hard-and-fast rules for getting a six-pack.

Offering step-by-step instructions for a shredded midsection can be tricky because things like genetics, gender, and stress can all play a part in weight loss (or weight gain), so. However, adhering to myths and hearsay on your quest for visible abs will absolutely hold you back.

That lucky guy could follow a plan, and probably slip up along the way, and still see results. Some of us, however, aren’t as lucky. Even if you see a plan through, there’s a chance those cover-worthy washboard abs will elude you. So throw your current expectations out the window and let’s start over.

We’re not going to promise you a six-pack in some ridiculous amount of time, like four or six weeks. Instead, we’re going to debunk seven six-pack myths-some you’ve may have heard, some you haven’t-to give you a better foundation for losing fat for good.

Read up and then begin integrating these lessons into your current routine. They are simply guidelines for how to eat and train if abs are your goal. With that said, remember that these tips will only work if you do, and though it may take longer than you want, you’ll eventually see the results if you put in the time.

So whether you’re a workout Jedi or a padawan looking for “abs 101 tips,” allow us to dispel fact from fiction when it comes to achieving those washboard abs.


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