Most guys tend to work their biceps with something else, dedicating a day to biceps and triceps or perhaps chest and arms. But there’s nothing wrong with spending a full workout training for the gun show. Plus, there’s no reason to feel guilty about it. For all the talk over the last decade about training for functional movement and core strength—not just like a bodybuilder for aesthetics—there’s been little appreciation of the functional role of the biceps.

Try lifting a couch or kid without the biceps—or pushing or pulling just about anything. Sure, movement starts from the core, but your arms aren’t just levers along for the ride. The biceps are fully engaged guns, locked and loaded.

Even if you’re a dedicated CrossFit disciple or an athlete training for a specific sport, there’s nothing wrong with taking an occasional workout to focus on your biceps. If nothing else, it’s a welcome diversion—and the best workout is, of course, the one you haven’t done before or at least not in some time.

In this biceps superset workout, we’ll pair a push and a pull movement. This way we both activate and challenge the biceps in an efficient manner that enables us to keep moving through the workout with no rest.