When it comes to supersets, the chest presents a challenge: so many chest exercises involve pushing movements, and not much else. That’s where supersets come in.

The benefit of a superset, of course, is to combine movements that allow you to keep moving with no rest. If we do a series of pushing movements with no rest in-between, we’ll quickly fatigue. The key to the superset is to alternate movements. That way, when one set of muscles is working, the other set of muscles is resting. This is not only a time-efficient way to train, but also an effective way to perform each exercise better, since supersets allow non-working muscles to recover faster while their opposing muscles work. You should be able to jump right into that second exercise without resting.

Fortunately, we can do plenty of pulling motions to blast the chest as effectively as our many pushing options. By alternating these motions, we can keep moving without rest between movements or even between supersets.

With this workout, we’re going to do five supersets of two exercises. Do one set of the first exercise, a set of the other, and then a second set of each before moving on to the next superset.

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