Chest Exercises

How to Do the Pec Minor Dip

Keep your elbows locked on dips to target your pec minor and broaden your chest.

New Pec Minor Dip Yields Major Results
Per Bernal

Dips are a must-do foundational move for a big chest, but by tweaking them, you can reap even better gains. That’s because conventional dips focus only on the pectoralis major, not the pec minor, the smaller but no less important chest muscle that lies beneath the pec major. This locked-arm dip variation targets the elusive pec minor to help you expand your chest farther than before. Building up the pec minor enhances the overall width and thickness of the chest.


  1. Suspend yourself over parallel bars with hands just outside shoulder width. Keeping your elbows straight, allow your torso to sink toward the floor so you feel a stretch.
  2. Squeeze your pecs and spread your shoulder blades, raising up your body.


Prepare to be sore. Because most guys rarely, if ever, work the pec minor directly, isolating it can shock the muscle greatly. Do sets of 10 to 20 reps, adding weight if needed.

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