To get large—and we mean large—you need to focus on heavy compound movements to recruit the most amount of muscle and trigger huge releases of muscle-building hormones. On the following slides, you’ll find a series of moves that do just that in the form of a squat, a hip hinge, a push, a pull, and a loaded carry—aka every movement you need to become a mass monster.

The exercises below are ordered in such a way that you’ll start by priming your body, front to back, with a front-loaded lunge before moving on to heavy squats. The chest flyes and kettlebell straight-leg deadlifts will serve as a “break,” while still pumping up your physique, before the brutal finale of this session—deadlifts to carries.

Be warned: This workout is not for the faint of heart. Make sure you rest a day or two before and after doing this. And feel free to feast afterward—if you are going to have a cheat meal, now is the time for it. Feed the monster and watch it grow.

The Moves

DIRECTIONS: Perform the prescribed sets and reps for each move in order before moving on to the next. Rest about a minute in between sets and a minute and a half between movements. For the deadlift and carries, rest three to five minutes between “runs.”