Leg Exercises

Get Triple-sized Legs

Use this three-days-a-week training program to trigger new growth in your quads and hams.


So you have been following the same body part split for a while now. And only one of those days is for legs. Yeah, but I crush it, bro!

We believe you but this approach doesn’t really make too much sense since your legs make up a large part of your body. Instead of dreading a single grueling leg day, you need to embrace the fact that working your legs more often can produce some profound results.

Just look at Olympic lifters. They train their legs every workout, and have tremendous thigh mass.

Worried about overtraining? As the legendary strength coach Charles Poliquin says, it's better to overtrain than to undertrain.

Hit 'em More Often

Historically bodybuilder types have worried about overtraining legs and therefore only worked them once a week. But maybe this was really just an excuse to not repeat the hardest workout of the week. What you must know is that the quality of your workout will be the best variable when trying to increase muscle growth. Neurophysiologist Chad Waterbury has shown that hitting each muscle group more frequently is most optimal when trying to build muscle.

For this routine, we will be working out five days per week: three lower-body days and two upper-body days. While overall volume of training for your upper-body will be low, it will be plenty enough to maintain your current muscle. In fact, by using larger muscles each workout, you produce more growth hormone and testosterone, keeping your metabolism high. So expect some fat loss and a better-looking upper-body by default.

Leg day 1 will be strength-based -- the most demanding day of the week for the central nervous system, that's why it's at the beginning of the week.

Leg day 2 is composed of exercises that will help fill in some gaps in your training -- hip mobility, using ballistic movements, and training the glutes, all of which tends to take a back seat to squats and leg presses.

Leg day 3 will finish with a traditional hypertrophy session to ensure that we hit every muscle fiber possible for muscle growth.

For the next six weeks, be ready for some huge muscle growth, new PRs, and invest in some pants with more leg room.

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