Lifting a barbell like it’s a lever offers a unique way to blast your delts and your core. Try this variation of a lateral raise to work your shoulders through
three different planes of motion at once.

How to Do It

1. USE A LANDMINE unit or wedge the end of a barbell in a corner. Hold the other side by the end of the collar.

2. SLOWLY RAISE THE BAR from in front of your left hip to over your right shoulder in an arcing motion.

Why It Works

Combining the front, lateral, and rear-delt raises into one, the landmine lateral raise works the delts through a full range of motion, while your core braces you.

TIP: A landmine unit is a metal cylinder that holds the end of a barbell and swivels so you can move it in different directions. If your gym doesn’t have
one, pick one up at