Overhead pressing builds big, powerful shoulders, but if you have shoulder or lower back pain, it may not be safe. The landmine press, however, is. The arc of the bar lessens the pressure on your joints, while the unilateral nature of it trains your core.

Landmine Press

How To Do It:

1. LOAD A BARBELL INTO A LANDMINE UNIT, or wedge it into a corner. Hold the opposite end by the sleeve at shoulder level and stand with feet shoulder width. You can also use a T-bar row (pictured).

2. PRESS THE BAR UP, keeping your core tight. Don’t twist your torso.

QUICK TIP #1 – The landmine can also be used for one-arm rows, lunges, and Romanian deadlifts.

QUICK TIP #2 – Don’t try to press the bar straight overhead. Lean into the bar and press it out.