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Fundamental bodybuilding to increase size, density, and definition in a month.

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The Push, Pump, and Stretch Workout Program is for anyone. It's basic enough for a beginner, while also being demanding enough for someone more seasoned.

We tapped Dale Parducci (@ParducciFit), a certified trainer, fitness model, and rising expert in the wellness space, for his go-to training blueprint to simultaneously gain muscle and burn fat.

How it works

The Push, Pump, and Stretch is broken into three parts:

  • Part one is the “activation” or “push” part of the program. The “push” is an exercise performed for lower repetitions, but higher weight.
  • Part two is the “pump,” which is typically a superset or a higher-repetition exercise working to flood the muscle(s) with blood.
  • Finally, part three is the “stretch,” which is for improving circulation to allow more blood flow into the muscles being worked.


On this plan, you'll train three days on followed by one day off, followed by one more day on, and then two more days off. Parducci recommends chest and triceps in day one, back and biceps in day two, legs in day three, no training in day four, shoulders, traps, and abs in day five, then day six and seven are off again. Follow this plan for 4-8 weeks. Steadily increase the weight used with each week.

Watch and listen to how Parducci put on 35lbs of lean muscle mass in his Transformation Tuesday interview on

Push, Pump, and Stretch

The Schedule: Follow this plan for 4-8 weeks.

  • Day 1 Chest & Triceps Start
  • Day 2 Back & Biceps Start
  • Day 3 Legs & Abs Start
  • Day 4 No Training Start
  • Day 5 Shoulders, Traps & Abs Start
  • Day 6 No Training Start
  • Day 7 No Training Start