Workout Routines

Everything You Need to Know About HIIT

Maximize your fat-burning efficiency with high-intensity interval training.


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The Fast Track Workout

#1: Track Option

Day Sprints Distance Work:Rest Ratio
1 10 20 yds 1:1*
2 6 40 yds 1:2**
3 3 100 yds 1:3***

*Rest as long as it takes to do one sprint.
**Rest twice as long as it takes to do one sprint.
***Rest three times as long as it takes to do one sprint.

#2: Time Option

Day Sprints Time Recovery
1 10 10 sec 10 sec
2 6 15 sec 30 sec
3 3 25 sec 75 sec

Note: For either of these first two HIIT workouts, add one sprint each day over the course of four weeks to continue upping the ante.

#3: Distance Option

Sprints Distance Recovery
5 100 yds 2-3 min

Perform this sprint workout two to three times per week on nonconsecutive days. Add one sprint and cut 10 seconds off your recovery time each week until you reach eight sprints total.

#4: 30-30 Option

Sprints Time Recovery
6-8 30 sec 30 sec

“The most effective method I’ve found is the 30-30 method,” says Grinnell. “It’s just enough sprint time to sustain high intensity, and just enough rest not to break down too much, too fast.”

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