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HIIT It Good to Torch the Fat

Combine hiking and boxing with this high-intensity fat-burner from trainer Danny Musico.

Boxer in Ring
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The benefits of hiking extend as high as Everest—it’s a lower-body punisher, cardio blaster, even mood enhancer—making it an ideal cardio workout all on its own. But imagine—with your quads and lungs already screaming—your hands then being asked to max out for three minutes of jabs, upper cuts, and hooks…for five rounds.
You’ll probably feel as if you’d been knocked out, which is the goal after completing this full-body blasting HIIT workout designed by celebrity trainer and former super-middleweight champion Danny Musico. A heavy bag or Aqua training bag plus an Alpine Runner, True Fitness’ latest treadmill, which has a max incline of 30%—nearly twice the grade of regular treadmills—are the tools needed for this high-impact, calorie-burning workout. “The extra incline makes the difference between going to the hospital and the cemetery,” Musico says, jokingly (we think).
Musico says you can do this workout up to three times a week by itself or in addition to your normal workout routine. Just make sure you hydrate well, because you’re gonna sweat, he adds. “The best time for the workout is when your body says it’s ready to work out,” Musico says. You’ll notice that each round gets more difficult—your incline increases, making it feel as if you’re climbing a ski slope. And each punch isn’t just hitting the heavy bag—your arms, shoulder, and back muscles will benefit from the rapid-fire motion.
“Your glutes, abs, and legs are gonna get shredded from the Alpine,” says Musico. “You’re burning fat with the Alpine while you’re building lean muscle mass with the continuous punching.”

The workout

Alternate treadmill climbs and punch sequences for three minutes each, equaling one round. Rest for 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat for five rounds. If an Alpine Runner is unavailable, use a normal treadmill at max incline for all five rounds. The workout should take about 35 minutes. “Each round is getting more intense, so by the time you get to the end, you’re exhausted because throwing one-two combos is a lot less intense than one-two-three-four-five combos,” Musico says.
Round 1
Incline treadmill climb: Increase steepness by 3-5%
Punch: Jab
Round 2
Incline treadmill climb: Increase by 3-5%
Punch: Jab, followed by straight right
Round 3
Incline treadmill climb: Increase by 3-5%
Punch: Jab, straight right, left hook
Round 4
Incline treadmill climb: Increase by 3-5%
Punch: Jab, straight right, left hook, right uppercut
Round 5
Incline treadmill climb: Increase by 3-5%
Punch: Jab, straight right, left hook, right uppercut, left uppercut