At iSatori, we pride ourselves on not only producing the best supplements in the industry, but working with the best athletes in the industry. In this case, we developed this program hand in hand with the THE WORLD’s STRONGEST MAN Brian Shaw. There simply is no one on the planet that performs at a level higher than Brian – he is the best of the best. We hope you download the program and get the full benefit from it, but if you need some extra incentive to make some amazing changes to your body, mind and spirit, then we want you to join the Power Builder Challenge.

The challenge will consist of a combination of not only documented physical changes, but changes in strength as well. And to give you that extra push of motivation, we’re going to be offering literally hundreds of prizes including the following:

  • A one year contract to be an iSatori athlete including $500 in iSatori supplements and Team iSatori gear
  • 10 $250 shopping sprees on
  • Signed collector’s edition clothing from Brian Shaw
  • Custom iSatori clothing
  • Weekly iSatori product and gear prizes
  • Substantial product discounts at many of your favorite retailers

So why not take the next step and sign up for the Challenge today HERE. And remember this as you start your transformation journey, results are #EarnedNotGiven

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