Workout Routines

Jump-Start Your Fat Loss

Play like an athlete with this simple training plan to blast fat.


Master Class CrossFit Workout

When you grow up, you don’t jump anymore. As kids, we played basketball and other playground games that had us leaping through the air, but it seems like when our school days are over, our whole idea of exercise changes. Fact is, training can still be fun and playful at any age, and it should be if you want to see results. Learning to jump again is part of it, and we’re offering a six-week fat-loss program that will have you getting air to get lean and strong.

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How It Works

Explosive exercises like jumps, throws, and plyo pushups recruit muscle fibers you don’t work with conventional lifts. Furthermore, they teach your body to produce and absorb force, such as when you land or catch, which prepares you to move more athletically, should you play a sport. If not, these exercises still raise your heart rate and burn calories to deliver the lean body and conditioning of a superstar in his prime (even if you thought yours was behind you).



Perform each workout once per week. Rest a day in between each session.


30–40 min.


Alternate sets of exercises “A” and “B” until you’ve completed three sets for each. Then go to the next pair. Rest 30 seconds after “A” exercises and 60 seconds after “B” moves.

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