Over the years we’ve provided plenty of five-, 10-, 15-, and 20-minute workouts for various body parts — and now, we’re here to give you the quickest workout drill yet.

Personal trainer and frequent M&F contributor Andy McDermott created this one-minute strength and mobility drill that’ll get your heartbeat racing and work your muscles with nothing more than your bodyweight. What’s more, each move flows seamlessly into the next — you’ll start with hamstring stretches, go straight into a hand walkout, and then into an opposite pointer pushup.

Watch the whole complex here to follow along with McDermott.

There are two ways you can execute this drill, McDermott says. The first is to just do one of these as a “pick me up” for the body and mind — this is especially good for someone who’s been working at a desk (or couch) all day, McDermott notes.

If you want to do it as a full-blown fat burning workout, try this: do one round, followed by a minute of cardio activity (mountain climbers, jump rope, jogging, etc.), then do another round of the drill and so on for 10 total rounds.