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Warmer days are ahead. Prep your body with this hard-hitting plan.

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Spring Break is here -- time to peel off the scarves, jackets, thermals, and boots and get ready for the warmer weather. You better step up your game if you have a trip planned to a tropical destination because when the shirts start coming off, you'll want to look your best. 

It’s time to put the finishing touches on your physique to get a ripped six pack, thick arms, wide shoulders, and strong legs. But rather than giving you a slew of bodybuilding exercises, we’ll give you a program that’s designed to build an athletic look that boosts your hormonal responses from working out — testosterone and growth hormone levels — so that you’ll build even more size and strength.

Not only will you build thicker legs, but you’ll also get bigger arms: completing leg exercises like back squats immediately before arm exercises creates bigger and stronger arms than arm exercises alone, this is because of the increase in anabolic hormones.

How It Works

This is a three-day-per-week workout program for four weeks. Get at least one full day of rest between each workout; note: a rest day can include jogging, hiking, swimming, cycling — as long as you’re not pounding your muscles too hard, you’ll be fine. During the workouts, use the heaviest weight you can with each exercise as long as you stay within the rest periods and maintain your technique. If you take more rest than allowed or your technique worsens, use a lighter weight. 

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4