Getting that lean, shredded physique to showcase this summer is something all true M&Fers strive to achieve. With our ’12 Weeks of Shred’ video series you’ll find a comprehensive collection of instructional videos offering the tips and techniques needed to achieve your shredding success throughout this summer season. Be sure to check back every week for the latest video installment. Each new informative clip, featuring Hi-Tech/APS athletes Matt Christianer and Heather Schneider, will present original content to help maximize your results for the ultimate summer shred.

Week 12: 3 Back Moves to Maximize Your V-Taper

In this final installment of 12 Weeks of Shred, Hi-Tech athlete Matt Christianer demonstrates 3 key exercises to help you develop the ultimate V-taper physique. Give each of these moves a try on your next back day to get super-wide up top for a coveted V-taper frame that’s sure to get noticed during these final days of summer. 

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Week 11: Late Night Shred

This week, Hi-Tech athlete Heather Schneider shares some late night tips to help optimize your body-shredding results. What you do when the sun goes down is imperative to keeping your Summer shred, and making sure to eat the right foods late at night ranks at the top of the necessity list. Find out which foods you should steer clear of and which ones you should have on your menu during this key time of night.

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WEEK 10: Shred Shake: Cocoa Shred

Once again, it’s time to quench your thirst and fuel your muscle growth with a delicious, protein-packed shake that tops the charts when it comes to taste and nutrition. Quick and easy to whip up, this bountiful blend is a must for chocolate lovers who crave the ultimate shred shake after each tough workout. 

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WEEK 9: Morning Shred

In this week’s feature, Hi-Tech athlete Heather Schneider shares 3 morning shredding tips to keep those abs popping all summer. Find out what beverage works best to help burn extra fat during exercise, and what supps to take before cardio to minimize protein breakdown and maximize fat burning. So, start your day off strong by incorporating these morning shred tips into your fitness regimen.

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Week 8: Barbell Complex

In our 8th installment, Hi-Tech athlete Matt Christianer shows you how to use barbell complexes to continue your body-shredding mission. Ideal for building muscular endurance and torching fat, barbell complexes offer a great alternative to exercises such as the cardio row. So head for the iron on your shredding quest and be sure to give this effective lifting approach a try. 

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Week 7: Shred Tips

This week, Hi-Tech athlete Heather Schneider provides some key training tips to help you get your shred on this Summer. From a proper warm-up to the right number of sets and reps, a few simple tweaks to your regular lifting routine will give you a leg up on your fat burning efforts for optimal results. Give ‘em all a try and see the positive impact they can have on your body-shredding goals.

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Week 6: 3 Full-Body Shred Exercises

This week, Hi-Tech/APS athletes Matt Christianer and Heather Schneider kick things up a notch with three intense, big lifts that incorporate multiple large muscle groups to keep you torching those calories. See how each move is properly performed for maximum results; allowing you to keep your muscle mass while leaning out.

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Week 5: Shred Shake: Chocolate Peanut Butter

In this 5th installment, it’s time to reward your hard efforts at the gym with one of the most delicious protein shakes you’ll ever drink. If you’re a fan of the chocolate-peanut butter combo, this mouth-watering masterpiece has your name all over it. A few simple ingredients are all you’ll need to whip up this tasty, muscle-replenisher in no time. Give it a whirl after your next workout. 

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Week 4: Medicine Ball Exercises for Killer Abs

This week you’ll be having a ball while shredding your midsection. Few workout tools are more effective than the medicine ball when it comes to hitting your abs, and we’ve got three of the best ways to use it for optimal stomach-shredding results. So grab a partner and throw some weight around for killer abs that are sure to get noticed. 

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Week 3: Nutrition Tips

In this week’s feature, Hi-Tech athlete Heather Schneider shares some key diet tips to help transform your physique. From frequency of feeding to maximizing your protein intake, you’ll get the scoop on what works to give you the best results. Incorporate them all into your eating plan and discover the difference they’ll soon make.

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Week 2: Go Sledding in the Summer

In our second installment, Matt Christianer shows you how to properly perform the sled push, one of the best fat-burning exercises you can do to torch the calories and strengthen your lower body. With this exercise you are forced to work as hard as possible in an effort to maintain momentum throughout the push. Put your body to work and give this move a try the next time you hit the gym. 

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Week 1: 3 Ab-Shredding Moves

In our first installment, Hi-Tech/APS athlete Matt Christianer kicks things off with 3 ab-shredding moves that target your midsection from every angle. See how they’re done then put ‘em to work during your next abs session to construct that killer six-pack.

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