As a coach/trainer to athletes, bodybuilders, and all divisions of the physique sport, I try to not only have my clients be in great shape for shows, games or photoshoots, but all year round. In other words, I do my best to instill the discipline in all those I work with to continue to eat clean and do their cardio in the “off season,” so as to remain no more than eight to 15 lbs. from “optimal” condition.

However, not everyone can be as dedicated as my clients 365 days per year. Most trainees prefer to bulk up more during the winter months and then begin to trim the fat around the start of spring, hoping to be in top shape when bathing suit season hits.

The following is a list of 10 “tips” and “tricks” that will drop your body fat into the single digits more quickly and efficiently, so that when the summer arrives you will have your six-pack ready to go.