At M&F, we advocate for building a symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing physique in the gym. We also champion a healthy lifestyle, and a body that’s functional enough to both show and go when called upon. A recent trend has emerged amongst lifters who are already strong and muscular: They want to get faster and tougher, too.

The concept of a hybrid athlete is nothing new, and while some CrossFit gyms blend strength and endurance, any weightlifter with a few years’ experience can become an endurance athlete under their own power. One of the most notable hybrid athletes is powerlifter, bodybuilder, ultramarathon runner,  and triathlete Alex Viada C.S.C.S., A.C.E.-C.P.T. and owner of Complete Human Performance in North Carolina. We reached out to the genetic anomaly to talk all things hybrid training and becoming a better athlete without losing hard-earned gains.

Follow Viada’s eight essential tips to successfully improve endurance, build muscle, and crush your first or next endurance event.

The 8-Week Training Plan to Demolish an Obstacle Course Race

The 8-week Training Plan to Demolish an Obstacle C...

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