Gain Mass

Vegetables: 3 Fantastic Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Them

Bodybuilders can't live on chicken breasts alone. Raid the produce section if you want to gain mass and lose fat.


Bulking Up

Vegetables are a great source of something often neglected in bodybuilding nutrition — fiber. As a source of bulk, veggies can slow digestion, which helps regulate blood-sugar levels. Improperly timed spikes in blood sugar (which often come from eating high-carbohydrate, low-fiber foods like white bread) promote fat storage, and sudden drops can cause energy "crashes," making it less likely that you'll push serious weight at the gym. Add vegetables to your lunchtime stir-fry and you could say adios to those ups and downs. You'll also tend to eat less because low-calorie, higher-fiber veggies take up room in the stomach and release chemicals that tell the brain to shut down the appetite. And don't overlook the fact that by improving digestion, vegetable fiber can support the absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids — all of which your muscles need for further growth.

Burn, Baby, Burn 

Vegetables are a "free food" with a very low calorie-density, so you can eat almost unlimited amounts while still burning fat. This lean indulgence is all because of a biochemical quirk that only veggies (except the starchier ones like corn and beets) enjoy — the body uses almost as many calories to digest vegetables as they contain in the first place. The leftover calories don t even have a fighting chance of being stored in a fat cell.