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Rock Hard Training Plan Month 2: Muscle and Mass

Take your physique and fitness to the next level with the second installment of our high-intensity workout program.

Welcome to the second month of our Rock Hard training program. If you've completed part 1 of the Rock Hard Challenge workout, this program is the blueprint for you next few weeks of training.


We’ve shifted things around a bit from month 1. Now, instead of a four-day weight-training split, you’ll follow a five-day split. We’ve also increased the intensity of each session while simultaneously cutting back on the total number of sets you'll complete. This is called training economy. In addition, we’ve introduced one of our favorite intensity techniques: 10x10 sets.

10x10 SETS

What it is: A massive set performed for time, designed to pump your target muscle group for that day while accelerating your heart rate and metabolism.

What you’ll do: Using a watch, clock, or phone, you’ll time this set so you perform 10 sets of 10 reps in less than 10 minutes. To begin, start your timer and perform your first set, which should take about 20–30 seconds. Then rest until 1 minute has elapsed. This means resting not for an additional 60 seconds, but for the time remaining in that minute (which should be about 40 seconds). As soon as your timer reaches 1 minute, start your second set. Continue this until you’ve completed 10 sets within 10 minutes. As the sets progress, you may find that your rep pace slows as you begin to struggle with fatigue. Try to choose a weight that allows you to complete the 10 sets in the allotted time. If you find yourself struggling with the weight, switch to a lighter weight and keep to your time schedule rather than slowing your pace.

Benefits: This technique pumps and helps exhaust your target muscle quickly. It also encourages your body to rev up its metabolic rate, supplying energy from body fat stores to serve training and recovery.

Your goal during this phase is to get in the gym five days per week and complete the weight-training part of the workout in about an hour. Shorter, more intense training sessions help jack up your metabolic rate and encourage fat burning. You’ll perform cardio at the end of each workout. Three days a week, you’ll do high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to blitz body fat. Then, on the week’s other two training days, you’ll perform steady-state cardio to burn calories and support body-fat reduction.

Here are some of the other adjustments we've made to Part 2 of your Rock Hard workouts:


We’ve added 10 more reps to burnout sets. Now you’ll perform 40 reps in each of these sets. You can use the same weight you used last month if you can perform 40 sets without struggling. Lower the weight if you find yourself reaching failure. Remember, the purpose of the burnout set is to stretch and contract your target muscles to induce a huge pump.


We’ve upped these from Part 1: This month you’ll often begin with about 20 reps per set and finish with 10. Even if you prefer to lift heavier weights for fewer reps, you’ll meet your Rock Hard Challenge goals more effectively with this strategy


We’ve substituted 60–90 seconds of jump rope for stepups. This is yet another shift from anaerobic to aerobic training. Jumping rope accelerates your heart rate to a greater degree (when performed at an intense rate), but requires less anaerobic work.


Day Body Part Specialty
Monday Legs, Abs Intensity sets, steady-state cardio
Tuesday Chest 10x10, intensity sets, HIIT cardio
Wednesday Back, Abs 10x10, intensity sets, steady-state
Thursday Arms 10x10, intensity sets, HIIT cardio
Friday Shoulders, Calves, Abs 10x10, intensity sets, HIIT cardio
Saturday Rest
Sunday Rest