Supermodel Kate Upton Crushes the Hip Thrust and More

The gorgeous model and actress shows how hard she works to maintain her fit and sexy physique.

#Repost @benbrunotraining with @repostapp ・・・ Kate Upton (@kateupton) crushes a set of band-resisted hip thrusts with a brutal 10-second iso hold at the top of the last rep. Strong! The band adds accommodating resistance, meaning it gets harder at the top where the glutes have to work the hardest. Beware, these burn!

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It's not often you see a supermodel knocking out several reps of brutal, band-resisted, heavy barbell hip thrusts, but that's just what Kate Upton has demonstrated to perfection. In her recent Instagram post, the sexy supermodel can be seen performing the difficult move with relative ease. She even holds the final rep for 10 tough seconds.

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Clearly, Kate is no novice when it comes to the weight room. Along with the incredibly fit and sexy physique she displays during her many photo-shoots and acting roles, the SI swimsuit favorite also likes to feature her intense training sessions. Check out some of the other hardcore exercises (below) that she recently shared with her many Instagram followers.  

#Repost @harleyupton_ ・・・ LOL mom's on a leash and I'm not! @kateupton @benbrunotraining

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