Every week on Femme Flex Friday, co-hosts Lenda Murray and Alina Popa talk about various topics regarding bodybuilding and fitness. One week could be about training while another could be about contest prep. This week, the topic was a different one, but it could be vital for athletes that commit several weeks for that one big day, their makeup. The way the makeup is applied could accentuate your physique and presentation, or it could be a distraction.

This is why this week’s guest is professional makeup artist Leiah Scheibel. Scheibel has had a successful career in helping athletes look their best on contest day. She was showcasing her skills with Popa who was sitting in the makeup chair. Throughout the episode, she also shared some important tips that all the ladies preparing for a show should apply.

Hire a Professional Makeup Artist, Don’t Do It Yourself

Unless you’re a pro makeup artist yourself, applying makeup should be left to someone who is qualified to do it. They have developed their craft for a reason. Scheibel advises that competitors may not want to leave the makeup to chance.

“You’ve already done so much work, but makeup is not your forte. So really leave it to the expert. You need it to stay on all day. You need it to not move around, you want to make sure that you’re not having to go buy all of these colors that are specifically made to stay on all day long.”

Make Sure Your Makeup Artist Knows the Stage You Will Be On

A baseball coach may not be the best person to ask to help you work on your free throws. The same principle applies to makeup artists. Scheibel wants you to make sure that the expert you hire knows the stage and the sport you’re a part of.

“With that person or expert that is your artist, really make sure that she or he is well-versed in your particular stage. The stage matters. Is it theatre, is it a show, or is it a competition? Really kind of, are you well versed in that area?”

Do a Trial Run Before the Big Day

The makeup artist is the professional, but you still want to make sure that the look you’re going for will match your suit, tan, and presentation overall. This is why doing a test run with the full ensemble matters.

“I always do a trial with my fitness competitors and my brides. It’s practically the same thing. You prepared just as much, and so it’s really important to make sure that you like it, that you’re comfortable with it, that you can sit with it,” Schiebel says. “You need to have sat all day with those lashes that are a little heavier than normal. You may not be able to see as much. You’re going to need to walk perfect onstage.”

Scheibel shared and showed numerous tips and tricks that all competitors, amateur and professional, could learn from. Make sure you watch this week’s episode and take notes. You can see the episode, and all episodes of FFF every Friday at 6 p.m. eastern time at www.wingsofstrength.net.

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