Terry Crews is having a great week. 

When FOX cancelled Crews’ hilarious comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine after five seasons, NBC swooped in and picked it up, giving the hilarious squad life for another year. On top of that, Crews’ first superhero movie, Deadpool 2, is set to hit theaters May 18th. Crews plays the energy-controlling mutant Bedlam alongside Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin.

With a 6′3″, 245-pound frame and some of the best muscles in Hollywood, even Crews had to joke about “what took so long” to get him into a superhero film.

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In between his work on Deadpool 2 and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Crews had the chance to bring back his classic “Old Spice Guy” persona to help celebrate the brand’s 80th birthday. Naturally, he got to do it in a way that only Crews could: He did a marathon session of 80 “manly” lessons in 80 minutes, one after another, as part of a “Contempor-man-ly” class about being a modern man. 

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In a video interview, Crews sat down with Muscle & Fitness to talk about what it means to be a “Modern Man,” developing his Old Spice character, his favorite Old Spice commercials, and what it was like to work on Deadpool 2—and compare abs with Ryan Reynolds. (Watch ’til the end for a classic Terry Crews pec bounce.)

Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18. Brooklyn Nine-Nine will return for a sixth season in fall 2018 on NBC.

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