The 100th episode of The Menace Podcast was a star-studded affair. Host Dennis James was joined by a variety of bodybuilding legends and gurus, including Prime Time Muscle co-host Chris Cormier, Milos Sarcev, George Farah, Chris Aceto, Chad Nicholls, and yes, Lee Priest.

In traditional Menace form, DJ didn’t beat around the bush when it came to putting the guests on the spot. He asked each guest to give his Mr. Olympia top six predictions at the 9.5 week out mark. Aceto left the chat before this segment, but Farah offered a top six, but didn’t elaborate on positioning.

“The top ten will be Ramy, Andrew (Jacked), Brandon (Curry), Blessing (Awodibu), Hadi (Choopan), (William) Bonac,” Farah said like he was doing a roll-call. Sarcev was up next, and he didn’t hesitate on his picks at all.

“Ramy, Hadi, Samson, Brandon, Bonac, and Andrew,” he said clearly. Nicholls had to take time to think about it, except who the champion will be because he coaches the current Mr. Olympia, Big Ramy.

“I know both of my guys, Ramy and Bonac, are going to be in the top six,” Nicholls said. “I’ve got Nick Walker in the top six, I’ve got Andrew Jacked in the top six, Hadi, and Hunter,” he said while making note that 2019 Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry is out of his top six. “I think Brandon falls this year.”

Cormier was up next, and he went with Elssbiay, Jacked, Labrada, Bonac, Choopan, and Curry for his top six. Priest followed with Elssbiay, Bonac, Dauda, Jacked, Choopan, and Curry if he comes in good condition. His alternate outside of Curry was Walker.

James observed the variety of pics from each guest, and he also noticed that there was little certainty.

“If I asked you again in an hour, it may change,” he said. He then offered his own predictions.

“Ramy, Bonac, Curry, Hadi, Nick Walker, and Derek (Lunsford), DJ stated. He followed up that his predictions were in no particular order, and he was also the only one to mention the former Olympia 212 champion.

The 100th episode of TMP can be seen in its entirety on the Muscle & Fitness YouTube channel. If you’re new to the show, subscribe so you can episode 101 and beyond. New shows air every Sunday at 3 PM Eastern time.

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