Hoop Dreams

Everyone in my family loved sports, and I picked up basketball from a very early age. I was fortunate to grow up with an older brother [Errick McCollum plays overseas in the VTB United League] who had to take me with him wherever he would go. From an early age, I was working on my game with him. We’ve pushed each other to get better since we were younger, and that’s still true today.

Fueling His Fitness

I always want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to do my job well and help my team succeed. In-season, I work with my teammates and with my team’s health and performance staff to make sure my off-court training and nutrition is maximized to be as effective as possible. In my free time, I put in extra hours at the gym, getting shots up and continuously working on my game. I also invest time in recovery—yoga, massages, steam room, and using both hot and cold tubs.

Focus on Recovery

I believe in hard work, but I also believe in balance, and for me, that comes in the form of rest. Recovery is a significant part of making sure that I am prepared to do my job at the highest level. On top of cryotherapy and other recovery techniques, I was introduced to Cherrish tart cherry juice last season and was immediately attracted to its anti-inflammatory properties. One of the major benefits that I’ve experienced so far is great sleep and waking up feeling refreshed. It’s become another staple in my recovery toolbox.

Giving Back

I recognize that my platform allows me to serve others, and this is a privilege I take very seriously. Two of my biggest platforms are the Press Pass program and the CJ McCollum Dream Centers. The Press Pass program is a mentorship program that provides opportunities for local Portland high school students to get experience in journalism. I also work with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland on the CJ McCollum Dream Centers, an initiative that allows us to provide safe spaces for youth from underserved communities to learn, explore, create, and grow.

Try It

Cherrish is available at cherrish.net and on amazon.com.