Seems like a lot of fitness world records are being broken lately. Just last week, a policeman in China shattered the record for the longest held plank. Now we’ve got 17-year-old Andrew Shapiro breaking the record for most pulllups in a 24 hour period.

The young man put his strength and stamina to the test as he knocked out a staggering 7,306 pullups to set a new world record. The previous record of 6,800 pullups in 15 hrs and 13 minutes will now be removed from the books thanks to Shapiro’s herculean effort.

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And while 7,306 pullups in just 24 hours is an incredible accomplishment, records are meant to be broken. Just late last year, we featured Navy Air Traffic Controller, Michael McCastle who broke the 24-hour pullup record with a count of 5,804 while wearing a 30 lb vest. We could be wrong, but we’ve got a strong feeling there’s someone out there getting their upper-body prepped for a run at the next record. Just know, we’ll be watching for you.