As the UFC star with the most knockouts in the promotions history, Derrick Lewis is all business in the octagon, leaving many people to wonder why the heavyweight is becoming known for a bizarre celebration where the fighter removes his shorts and strips down to his boxer briefs. Still, Lewis’ desire to have fun and entertain crowds may come in handy as he is apparently eying up a spot with WWE.

“The Black Beast” is now 28-12-0 in UFC after gaining a technical knockout against Rodrigo Nascimento on May 11, 2024 at UFC on ESPN 56 in St. Louis, Missouri, but his antic after the fight is what grabbed the most headlines. Following his victory, the 6’3” man-mountain took off his shorts and did a lap of the cage while waving them around. It’s not the first time he’s stripped down either. In 2018, Lewis removed his shorts and draped them over his shoulder for a post-match interview.

Why Does Derrick Lewis Remove his Shorts Post-Fight?

On Saturday night, the fighter celebrated his win by removing his shorts and hurling his cup towards fans and journalists. But when asked why he feels the need to get a little more air in the post-fight press conference, Lewis declined to elaborate, joking that he would need to be paid a lot of money to divulge his inspiration. It seems however, that his spontaneous shortsless moments are rooted in having fun. “I appreciate St. Louis for letting me know my naked ass tonight,” said the fighter, as reported by Yahoo! Sports.

The 39-year-old had a rough start in life and spent three and a half years in jail after violating a probation related to an aggravated assault charge. Lewis was able to turn his life around after discovering MMA and was hailed as a hero in 2017, when he used his truck to pull around 100 people from flood waters caused by Hurricane Harvey. Now married with two sons, the fighter once told the New York Post that “my kids are the only people in the world that can really make me laugh, like cry laughing.” He also said: “You can’t take everything so serious. Life is already serious.”

Is Derrick Lewis Going to WWE?

Speaking after his third-round win against Nascimento during the UFC on ESPN 56 post-fight press conference, Lewis was also asked about some of his other antics in the cage, where he is known to throw the “DX” crotch signal. He also mimics Randy Orton’s viper stance, both made famous in WWE. Apparently, Lewis is hoping to make some appearances in the pro wrestling organization, and Dana White is down to make that happen. “Yes, that’s what we’re supposed to be doing in a few weeks, maybe,” confirmed The Black Beast. “Going to Orlando and checking the facilities out.” Orlando is the home of WWE’s Performance Center and is the base for where future stars are trained. With his love of fun and undeniable charisma, it will be interesting to see what kind of an impact the UFC star can make in the larger-than-life world of pro wrestling.

And, as if he doesn’t have enough going on, Lewis is also teasing another surprise in the octagon that he’s been practicing, but he won’t reveal what that is. “I’m getting too old for this s**t,” he joked with reporters on Saturday.

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