Admit it, there’s a certain rush you experience when hoisting an impressive stack of plates. Nothing wrong with that as long as you’re confident you can safely move the weight and remain in good form. Such was not the case with this weightlifter from India who failed to check his ego at the gym door. 

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The hard-to-watch clip—filmed at Pehavaan gym in Vadodara, India—shows the determined man positioned on a leg press machine with an eye-popping stack of 45 lb plates stacked on. Overall, the total weight looks to be in the 1,100 to 1,200 lb range. With that much weight it’s no wonder he only manages to knock out a few half-reps before things go horribly wrong.

After the third rep, the strain of the weight forces the man to find some relief by straightening his legs. Unfortunately, one of his legs quickly buckles under the intense pressure, and snaps like a twig. And while his buddies may have been sympathetic to his plight, those who caught the scene on the Internet were less sympathetic. “That’s what you get for stealing all the 45 lb plates and then half reppin’ it,” commented someone on the YouTube page. So much for showing compassion.

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