Larry Wheels Bench Pressed 500 pounds for 11 reps

Instagram sensation Larry Wheels keeps on blowing us away with his crazy feats of strength.

Hey, did you guys happen to see the new glasses that Larry “Wheels” Williams is rocking? Probably not—because you were way too distracted by the 500 pounds he bench-pressed for 11 freakin’ reps.

Week after week, Wheels performs insane lift after insane lift—and we’ll never not watch him. At only 23 years old, this behemoth has amassed two world powerlifting records in two different weight classes for highest total, and a litany of impressive lifts to his name, including a 225 bench press for 70 reps and a strict overhead press of 440 pounds.

For now, enjoy this clip. We reckon it won’t be long before the next one. 

Image: Larry Wheels/Instagram

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