MMA Fighter Finishes Off Opponent With Boston Crab Submission

In what's normally a move reserved for pro wrestling's squared circle, Jonno Mears uses it to perfection in the Octagon.

Was that just the infamous, professional-wrestling Boston Crab move performed to perfection in an MMA fight

In what may be a first in mixed martial arts fighting, a version of wrestling's Boston Crab was put on display to put an end to an MMA fight this past weekend at the Full Contact Contender promotion in Bolton, England.

Jonno Mears applied the submission maneuver on Aaron Jones in the first round of their FCC 19 bout. Check out the grin on Mears' mug as he realizes the seldom-used move is actually working. The video—posted to FCC’s YouTube account—shows Mears putting just the right amount of pressure on his opponent's back and midsection for the tap out. Something you just don't see every day in the Octagon

Of course, WWE fans recognize the finishing move as one often used by WWE superstar Chris Jericho, aptly named The Walls of Jericho.

Just like the Boston Crab, the Walls of Jericho incorporates similar positioning, but a bit higher on the opponent's body for greater torque of the spine. So what did the originator of the submission maneuver think of it being put to use in another sport?