Ronnie Coleman Is Back in the Gym, But Not Lifting Just Yet

The eight-time Mr. Olympia is taking his time on the road to recovery.

During his reign as Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman was the very definition of a powerhouse. From 200-pound dumbbell presses to 800-pound squats, Coleman was known for pushing his limits in the gym and dubbing it "light weight" or "nothin' but a peanut."

But these days, the legendary bodybuilder is having a rough time as far as his health is concerned. The eight-time Mr. Olympia has had numerous back surgeries, three of which took place in 2018. Unfortunately, his recovery has been tough, and while he was optimistic about his recovery at first, Coleman later seemed unsure that he'd ever walk again.

In his most recent Instagram update, "The King" shared a video of himself "trying to stay in half-decent shape" with some cardio on Christmas Day. 


Coleman has often rushed back to the gym post-surgery, but this time, he wants to take it slow and heal completely before touching any weights, he said. But his Christmas cardio definitely shows that he has the same drive he's always had when it comes to working out. Follow Coleman on Instagram at @ronniecoleman8 to stay up to date on his journey. 

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