Pretty much anyone who has followed Ronda Rousey knows that she is one of the most talented and feared fighters to ever set foot in the Octagon. And up until her last fight she was pretty much “perfect” when it came to her MMA career. Then came Holly Holm, and we all know how that historic battle of bantamweights panned out. 

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As shocking as it was, the epic fight taught us that no one is truly perfect, and there’s always a chance that the mighty will fall. And while some may never get back to their former glory, we’re confident Rousey Rousey isn’t one of them. 

In her new Reebok ad, the former UFC Bantamweight champ admits to not being perfect, and relishes the fact — because as she puts it, “perfect never gets truly tested, or the chance to silence its critics. And perfect never gets a shot at redemption.” So yeah, she’s fine with not being perfect…for now.