There’s no doubt Arnold Schwarzenegger is among the cream of the crop when it comes to action heroes. The Oak’s iconic roles as The Terminator, Dutch, John Matrix, Quaid, and Conan the Barbarian make him a legend in the action adventure genre. And of course, he’s also a pretty funny guy with a unique ability to illicit laughter; as demonstrated in Kindergarten Cop and Twins.

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But now, Schwarzenegger will be taking his acting chops in a completely different direction with his latest movie, Aftermath. In this dramatic picture, based on real-life events, Arnold portrays a devastated family man who loses his wife and daughter in a horrific plane crash. 

In this recently released UK trailer, we find out that it’s not terrorists or machines that take down the airplane, but rather human negligence, which means Arnold’s character must find a human way to cope with the unbearable circumstances. It’s a role we’re not used to seeing from the man who has flexed his mighty muscles on the silver screen for years, but one that we look forward to checking out once the film is released.  

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Aftermath is set to hit theaters on April 7.