Few men have influenced pop culture in America like Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Austrian-born superstar may have planted his roots in the U.S. through bodybuilding, but seven Mr. Olympia wins didn’t even leave him satisfied.

As he transformed from bodybuilder to Hollywood star, and even after he served as governor of California, Schwarzenegger remained a fitness icon for the body he sculpted in the 1970s. To this day, his aesthetic physique—with the pronounced pecs, formidable shoulders, bulging arms and legs, and tapered waist—is easily one of the most iconic of all time. When an average person thinks “bodybuilder,” it’s safe to say The Austrian Oak’s silhouette pops into their head.

These days, Schwarzenegger still stays fit and stars in movies. But fortunately for bodybuilders everywhere, he was photographed constantly over the course of his peak bodybuilding years. We rounded up some of our favorite shots of Schwarzenegger, both bodybuilding and otherwise, for your enjoyment.