Talk about your old-school ass-kickers. Those tough, scrappy kids from the 80’s flick The Karate Kid are back, and looking to settle a score.

You’d think after all these years—just under 34—the two would have let bygones be bygones and gone their separate ways. But judging from the first trailer for YouTube Red’s new original series, Cobra Kai, that doesn’t appear to be the case. As a matter of fact, it looks like Johnny Lawrence (Billy Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) are ready to square off once again. 

See for yourself in the trailer:  

Then again, the two foes would now be in their 50s, which wouldn’t bode well for an intense fight scene, or even a single crane kick to the chops for that matter. What’s more likely is that younger family members will get caught in the fray, and be responsible for any beatings that need doling out. 

While Cobra Kai brings back two of the main characters from the 1984 hit flick, Mister Miyagi (Pat Morita) will not be one of them. Sadly, Morita passed away back in 2005, leaving a void in this Karate Kid reboot that will be tough to fill. So who’s going to “wax on” with nuggets of wisdom and advice that only an old guy can pontificate upon? Maybe the curmudgeonly Ed Asner, who will be playing Johnny’s stepdad in the series, will help bring order to the longtime feud. Or maybe we’ll see another epic showdown on the mat.

Whatever the scenario, fans of all ages are sure to get swept up in the heated history between the adversaries, and how they’re ultimately able to work out their differences. Hopefully, it involves at least one foot to the face.

Cobra Kai is set to debut on YouTube Red at some point in 2018.