Tristyn Lee just might be the most shredded high schooler on the planet. Lee, whose goal is to become a professional soccer player, started posting photos of his soccer skills when he was 15, but followers were more interested in his incredible physique. If the 16-year-old’s soccer dreams fall through, we doubt he’d have much trouble transitioning to bodybuilding.

In the time since he began building his brand through Instagram, Lee has amassed more than 940,000 followers and grabbed the attention of some of the most prominent figures in bodybuilding and powerlifting. Take these guys, for example:

Bradley Martyn

Simeon Panda

Larry Wheels

Lee’s YouTube page is another source for fitness inspiration for his over 300,000 subscribers. He shares workouts, diet tips, fitness transformation updates, tips for dealing with social media, and more.

He recently credited his shredded physique to not eating sugar for three years and following the keto diet without allowing himself cheat meals. When it comes to training, he’s in the gym twice a day and focuses on separate muscle groups during each workout.

This young fitness fanatic is definitely worth a follow, whether you want to follow his advice or just marvel at how shredded he’s managed to get at just 16 years old. You can learn more about his journey and follow him on Instagram at @tristynleeofficial. In the meantime, take a look at the posts below to see what all of the buzz is about. 

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His fitness is on a whole other level.

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