When Bobby Lashley defeated Apollo Crews at Payback to lift the United States title for the second time, it was a major milestone bookending a fourteen-year gap between each of his US championship reigns. Now 44 years of age, Lashley has proven that he’s back in WWE to dominate, and after sitting down for an exclusive interview with the 6’3″, 275lb man-mountain, it soon became crystal clear that he’s more than ready to put the hurt on anyone and anything that dares to get in his way.

Now a member of WWE’s “Hurt Business,” Lashley told us that he’s still a maniac in the gym, but with age comes experience. Fortunately for us, the WWE superstar gave M&F seven rules for staying on top. And the best news? You don’t need to be a ring warrior to follow his motivational philosophies.

9 WWE Superstars' Training Secrets and Workouts

9 WWE Superstars' Training Secrets

Sculpt a WWE-worthy physique with these workouts and tips.

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