While many of his NFL counterparts were planning trips to relax in the offseason, but before reporting to training camp, Seattle Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf spent eight weeks training to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics in the 100-meter event. He finished last (ninth) in the USA Track and Field Golden Games 100-meter race with a time of 10.37 and said he would consider doing it again to test his speed.

The All-Pro receiver has also kept busy on the business side after a breakout 2020 season. Metcalf recently joined Therabody as an investor and their newest athlete ambassador. He will be used to help amplify the tech wellness company’s product line and services.

“I think it’s amazing that athletes today have so many more opportunities today to partner with brands on a deeper level and invest, and I am grateful that I was able to join Therabody at such an integral stage of their growth and be part of their journey,” Metcalf said. “I’ve been able to get to know Dr. Jason [Wersland] and the rest of the team recently and I am excited to be part of a company that is so passionate about their mission. I wouldn’t invest in a company I didn’t believe in completely.”

We spoke with Metcalf to find out what makes him tick and his thoughts on the best exercise any athlete can do to make sure they are performing at their very best.


I mostly do what the coaches say, but I also always try to do one or two extra reps in everything that we do. I do a lot of power cleans, a lot of kettlebell squats, bench press, curls, triceps, biceps, a lot of small muscles and conditioning. I also run a lot, which I love to do. No matter what it is, for me, it is a lot about the mindset and going into it with all I got.


I typically eat low carb, lots of proteins and veggies. I have a private chef who keeps me in check with my nutrition. Breakfast is usually a veggie omelet with bacon and fruit. Lunch and dinner are usually some combination of lean protein, whether that be chicken or fish, and vegetables.

I love sweet baked beans — I could eat them every day. But balance is also really important to me. So even though I am trying to eat healthy most of the time, especially in season, I do indulge in my guilty pleasures.


If I had to choose one, it would be my mental workout. Mental preparation is a big part of anybody’s success as an athlete. If you ask me, football is 75 percent mental and 25 percent physical. Everybody in the game is big, strong, and fast but if you perfect your mental game you are going to be a great player. For me, preparing physically helps my mental game a lot because I am eliminating any doubt or lack of confidence that trickles in because I know I’ve put the work in to be my best.

I think no matter what workout you are doing — whether it is strength training, running, or yoga — you will get the most out of it if you are in the right mindset to reap the benefits. A workout routine is so personal, and different things work for different people but the step someone is taking to take care of themselves and prioritize their body is so important. But, showing up physically means almost nothing if you aren’t there mentally.


Recovery is such an important part of my everyday life because I know how important it is for my performance as an athlete. Therabody plays a huge role in that routine. Around workouts, practice, and games, it is always top of mind, but I also try to prioritize my recovery in every aspect of my life. At home, I have a hyperbaric chamber so I will sit in there and also use the Theragun — my favorite spot to hit is my hamstring. I love PowerDot for a more passive, targeted treatment. I put it on my quads and the electric stimulation helped prep me to go out to practice, run, and put my best foot forward. RecoveryAir is my go-to recovery when I just want to relax, whether that is while I am watching film or a movie.

Train Like a Pro Football Player

Train Like a Pro Football Player

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