A workout is only as good as your ability to recover fully and do it again. That’s why they call it a “routine,” after all. That said, when you’re giving it your all in the gym, your muscles will let you know that you’ve given it your all (especially around 48 hours after leg day). And we all know post-workout muscle soreness can be absolutely merciless. 

Nutrition is obviously a key factor in maximizing recovery between workouts; without the right amount of protein and carbs, even a veritable arsenal of tech toys will be futile in rejuvenating your battered body’s soft tissue. But assuming you’ve got your diet dialed in, there are actually quite a few auxiliary ways to help your body reload between training sessions.

“A wide variety of products exist that can aid your recovery,” says Armand Diesso, P.T., owner of Performax Physical Therapy and Wellness in North Babylon, NY. “Of course, keeping in mind cost, efficacy, and research is important when choosing the appropriate product.” The therapist-recommended products below—a mix of cutting-edge tech and natural remedies—are designed to accelerate and optimize muscle recovery without requiring you to stray too far from your current routine, or your budget.

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