Operating an elite boxing facility all while directing, producing, writing, and acting sounds impossible—but don’t tell Peter Berg that.

With credits like Friday Night Lights and the Mark Wahlberg sufferfest Lone Survivor under his belt, the renowned Hollywood jack-of-all-trades opened Churchill Boxing Club in 2013 in partnership with one of the biggest names in the game, Freddie Roach.

Boxing wasn’t a passion project that Berg found after his success in Hollywood—in contrast, he credits the sport with becoming the prolific filmmaker he is now. As a child, he was a ball of uncontrollable energy and aggression until he learned to channel it through boxing. The focus and discipline that he gleaned from the sport were instrumental in getting him where he is today. “Boxing is a great way to confront and manage your fear, which helps in every area of life,” Berg says.

Churchill Boxing
Courtesy of Hemp Hydrate

At Churchill, you can expect to find the state-of-the-art facilities that have made it a favorite for professional boxers, film stars, and even the LAPD and LAFD, in an atmosphere welcoming to everyone from seasoned pros to Day 1 newbies. “Everybody checks their ego at the door,” says Churchill trainer Josh Landers. “It’s an encouraging environment to just come enjoy a great workout.”

But be prepared to work. Landers and the entire team of trainers will put you through the rounds with their brand of challenging routines focused on boxing structure, fundamentals, and conditioning, “all while making it fun and sharpening your mental fortitude,” Landers says. In addition, trainers educate members on the importance of taking care of themselves outside the ring.

Hemp Hydrate Churchill Boxing
Courtesy of Hemp Hydrate

“Churchill Boxing teaches the importance of combining the right training, hydration, and nutrition,” Berg says. This motivated it to partner with Hemp Hydrate, a drink that harnesses the recovery benefits of CBD. “Boxers especially need the recovery benefits with their training. Hemp Hydrate’s plant-based formula is something that helps everyone,” Berg explains.

And Landers has seen the results firsthand with his clients. “Fighters say they’re more focused, engaged, and hydrated during their workout while drinking Hemp Hydrate. They also report less pain and soreness post-workout,” he says. After a few rounds in the ring at Churchill, your body will need all the help it can to reduce soreness.

Churchill Conditioning Workout

DIRECTIONS: Perform 3 rounds of this circuit, completing one exercise after another.

Medicine Ball Slam – 15 reps
Reverse Lunge – 10 reps
Battle Rope – 30 sec.
Body-Weight Squat – 10 reps
Plank – 30 sec.
Leg Lift – 30 sec.
Crunch – 30 sec.