If you listen to the advice of most avid gym-goers, it becomes pretty clear that staying fit is expensive. Many of us have been told you have to constantly take supplements, buy a ton of organic groceries, have a fancy gym membership, and own the latest training gear to get in a good workout. For the average Joe, that lifestyle isn’t realistic. First off, most of us aren’t competing for a bodybuilding show; second, we don’t have the cash for all that equipment, workout apparel, and pricey supplements.

The real reason most of us even buy the stuff is because we hear it works from a guy at the gym who has 20-inch guns. Here’s a little piece of advice: What works for him might not work for you. The ladies could give a squat  what you’re wearing on the treadmill or what’s in your mixer bottle. Working out on a strict budget is manageable, and some of the fittest people make it look good with just these five basic steps.