You probably already know that building muscle, shedding fat, and gaining strength take consistent dedication in both the gym and the kitchen. But how much do you consider the importance of proper sleep  when it comes to reaching your fitness goals?

According to the CDC, adults need seven or more hours of slumber at night for the best health and well-being benefits, and if you’re falling behind on your sleep schedule instead of falling asleep, your athletic gains may suffer.

Muscles are built in the bedroom: Proper rest creates an anabolic environment where muscles regenerate, repair, and grow, and without the right amount of sleep your fitness gains may lag and results may be slow-going.

During sleep, two important muscle-building hormones are secreted; HGH (human growth hormone) and testosterone, making it crucial for both muscle building and leaning out.

With that said, if you’re one of the 50 to 70 million adults who suffer from some sort of sleep issue, incorporating these simple tips into your nightly routine can help you catch better Z’s instead of chasing them!

Woman Sleeping

11 Tips to Get Stronger While You Sleep

Prioritize slumber for better body results in (and out of) the gym.

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